Summer Learning at Home


Research shows that student reading scores drop between the end of one school year and the beginning of the next. This has been dubbed the “Summer Slide.” The idea is not that students magically become less-skilled readers from June to August. Rather, many students do not read during the summer; therefore, they are not practicing their reading skills. To help combat the “Summer Slide,” Leander ISD encourages all students and parents to continue reading all year long. Closing the gap, eliminating summer slide, and promoting a life-long love of reading – one book, one kid at a time!

Where can students get a book to read for the summer?    The Sora app

Where else can my child get books to read over the summer?

How can parents help their students self-select books?

Start by asking what types of things does the student like to read about? Do they like to read about animals? Then perhaps they would like books about circuses or fictional books that have animals as the main characters. Librarians will be able to match kids’ interests with several books they may like.

Teach students to do a “book tasting.” Does the cover of the book look intriguing? What about the blurb on the inside cover? Read the first few sentences. Does it hook you in?

Does the student have a favorite author? If so, help them discover other titles by that same author. For example, many people read The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton when they were in middle school. However, many people don’t know that she has several other books that are just as excellent.

Does the student have a favorite book? If so, help them discover books that are similar to their favorite book. Book stores, librarians, and websites often have “If you liked ____, then you will like ______” lists.

What should a student do if they think their book is not a good fit or boring?

If you think your book is not a good fit or boring, stop reading. It is perfectly okay to stop and choose a different book.

What if my book is too easy or too hard?

Sometimes people read books that are too easy for them – that’s okay. Sometimes we just want an easy, pleasurable read. Other times, we crave a challenge. But if you decide the book you chose to read during the summer is too easy or too hard, feel free to put it down and try a different book.

What can parents do at home to help their child become a better reader?

Successful readers are often products of homes where parents are readers, too.  Check out these simple ways parents can help their students become better readers.

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